Virtual Channel Partner Accolade for VMSL from TSI Inc. for 2019 Performance.

TSI Inc. presented us with an award for our sales and support performance in 2019. On this occasion, TSI’s traditional prestigious award ceremony was supplanted by an online notification congratulating the performance of exceptional channel partners around the world. So we are now the proud recipients of a ‘Virtual’ TSI Gold Channel partner award. It’s a sign of the times as the coronavirus pandemic shifts the landscape.

We are no less delighted to have received recognition for our outstanding 2019 sales performance. And it’s good to see how TSI quickly adapted to the ‘new normal’ by replacing the usual ceremony with this privileged communique.

Simon Tebb, EMEA Sales Manager at TSI, gave us a special mention that commended our growth and went on to say: “Validair is a highly engaged, true partner that has made significant investments in promoting TSI products.

At Validair, we also adapted quickly to the changing circumstances we faced last year, which led to Covid-safe sales and support initiatives for our customers nationwide. It delivered a great outcome for us as we enjoyed another superb trading year, despite the difficulties of operating within the constraints imposed by Covid.

With the vaccination process well underway across the UK, there’s an air of optimism here at Validair. We hope that our successes achieved through 2020 can be recognised in person later this year. We’re looking forward to celebrating that as a TSI Gold Channel partner in a more conventional and enthusiastic way.

Deborah Haisman, Commercial Director.