Covid-19 Government recognition for a long-standing customer

Valneva facility in Livingston, Scotland

It’s great to see one of our long-standing customers recognised and selected by the British Government for its Covid-19 vaccine programme.

In July, Valneva confirmed its participation in the UK government’s COVID-19 vaccine response program. The company – a Validair customer since 2006 – has reached agreement in principle to provide up to 100 million doses of its SARS-CoV-2 vaccine candidate. This will be manufactured at Valneva’s facilities in Livingston, Scotland. The government is also expected to contribute funding to help expand that Scottish facility – though that’s not yet confirmed.

Personal interest from our MD

Progress with vaccines is good news for everyone as we’ve all been touched or inconvenienced (or worse) by the coronavirus pandemic. But there’s one link to this vaccine candidate that’s particularly close to our MD, Steve Wake. Steve designed and project managed the build of the Valneva cleanroom in Livingstone (formerly Intercell) back in 2006. That was in partnership with WHP Engineering Ltd – an organisation we’re still working with 14 years later on the OxBox (Oxford Biomedica) project where we are equipping 45,000 sq. feet of new cleanroom suites with environmental monitoring systems and now urgently expanding the FMS solutions to incorporate new bioreactors specifically for Covid-19 vaccine production.

Moral? Great work and trusted partnerships stand the test of time – even in trying times.