Validair Office Hosts New Defibrillator

A new defibrillator has been mounted on the front wall of our office at Sparrowhawk Close in the Enigma Business Park. The entire team at Validair Monitoring Solutions Ltd supported the idea of hosting the defibrillator and providing the power supply as a community-spirited initiative inspired by a country-wide programme to create a nation of lifesavers.

The driving force behind this defibrillator initiative is the British Heart Foundation’s Heartstart programme – a national scheme to teach emergency lifesaving skills to the British public. Our local BHF Heartstart organisers hosted a launch at Malvern Rugby Club on 16th October and we attended that launch,

Having witnessed first-hand the level of selfless commitment to the programme with so many people providing funds and giving up their time, we were eager to support the initiative. Hosting and installing the new defibrillator could, quite literally, make a life-or-death difference to our local business and residential communities in the case of a medical emergency.

Statistics from the British Heart Foundation reveal that there are over 30,000 cardiac arrests outside of hospital across the UK every year, with a survival rate of just one in ten. BHF Heartstart supports over 1,000 schemes across the country as they strive to make a difference. We are pleased to be able to help.