Validar installation team dubbed Ninjas!

Validair Ninja

A senior manager at one of our customers in London has showered praise on members of our installations engineering team for their ability to work almost silently and virtually unnoticed.

We’d love to tell you who the customer is, but our contract to install a full FMS system is subject to a stringent NDA.

Nonetheless, a personal email received by me from the senior manager enthusiastically commended the team’s efforts for installing the new FMS system without interrupting the day-to-day operations at this globally renowned healthcare manufacturing facility.

This is what the manager said: “We have been thoroughly impressed with the professionalism shown by the Validair team in getting a very complex installation completed, both seamlessly and within the promised timescale, and with zero impact on our production activities.”

He then revealed that because our engineers moved around so quietly, they had become known as the ‘Validair Ninjas’.

Validair's Joel Grisman

Our engineering team lead, Joel Grisman, was singled out for special praise. It turns out that Joel had stepped up to help resolve an issue during a power failure in early August. It seems that without Joel’s intervention, the customer would have experienced significant delays recovering from the untimely outage.

I am fortunate in that I receive positive feedback from our customers regularly, but when it’s as specific as this, I know our teams are operating at peak performance and demonstrating our duty of care. Yes, we expect our engineers to install an FMS system flawlessly but to do so almost without being noticed in a busy facility takes things to another level. Joel is one of our system integration and installation specialists – I applaud him and his team for upholding our Validair corporate values and delighting the customer. Good work, guys.

Steve Wake, MD Validair Monitoring Solutions Limited.