Perfect for monitoring of large cleanrooms or critical environments, AeroTrak+ Remote Particle Counters from TSI are designed for use with FMS Software in cleanroom monitoring systems or facility monitoring systems. Their small size, flexible power options and wireless capabilities allow installation where space is limited. Worry-free monitoring with best-in-class data buffering reduces the risk of data loss during network outages. All AeroTrak+ Remote Particles Counters comply with ISO 21501-4 and all are backed by a 5-year laser warranty that’s unique in the industry.

TSI AeroTrak+ Remote Particle Counters are available in a variety of:

  • Flow rates
  • Particle sizes
  • Analog output options
  • Wireless enabled
  • VHP-resistant models

Remote Counters

TSI AeroTrak®+ Remote Particle Counters offer cleanroom professionals top-notch reliability and no-hassle operation in measuring a wide range of particle sizes. When working with high-value products, every second counts. Waiting for one minute to get a particle count may be too long. That’s why many AeroTrak+ Remote Particle Counter models feature Instant Alarming, where per-second monitoring triggers an alarm the instant an excursion occurs.

TSI AeroTrak+ 6000 Series

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TSI AeroTrak+ 7000 Series

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TSI AeroTrak 7110

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TSI AeroTrak 6310-6510

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