We are supporting mental health locally.

Positive Thoughts logo - mental health charity

Overlooked or perhaps underestimated for far too long, mental health as a fundamental part of human wellbeing is now widely discussed and acknowledged.

In looking to extend what we hope is the right way to treat physical and mental health in our own business with an outreach initiative, we are working to support a local mental health charity: Positive Thoughts.

Our Business Support Director Jane Fielding is behind the project at VMSL, having liaised with our management team to identify a worthy local mental health charity that would benefit from the support we are keen to offer.

“As our company grows, we are keen to support local charities and this year we are donating to Positive Thoughts. We believe it’s important that there is local help and support for people suffering with mental health issues, especially in these challenging times,” says Jane.

We hope to make a difference and plan to continue to do so. In future years we’re going to ask our staff to nominate worthy charitable causes that could benefit from our support.