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Surviving a Triple Lockdown

Although the country has entered what is widely considered to be the third national lockdown, we’re still here to support our customers.

In spite of the dreadful impact that this essential initiative to save lives may have on many businesses across the land, Validair has the infrastructure, expertise and service teams in place to continue as part of the Government’s Critical National Infrastructure. We know how to hit the target our customers need to succeed.

Our priority is to keep our customers and staff safe while delivering the exceptional service you expect. Because we’re highly experienced in the contamination sector, we established stringent procedures long before the pandemic. So yes, we adhere to all the conventional cleanroom protocols, plus enhanced Covid hygiene and social distancing guidelines for staff on-site and more. It’s second nature for us.

If you need on-site support or anything else from Validair, just get in touch. Contact us at Validair Monitoring Systems Ltd for new airborne particle counters, environmental monitoring systems and instrument servicing. Or visit our sister company Validair Diamond Scientific for qualification or calibration services, and testing for contamination control facilities and equipment.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch for support during this daunting third lockdown.

Steve Wake, Managing Director.