Validair Diamond Scientific has joined T-SQUARED. We are now part of a larger team in a truly progressive business.

Validair Diamond Scientific is now part of T-SQUARED, which is the most significant change to our business in over 30 years. Yet for our customers, nothing about what we do for them will change. Except we can offer them the unique resources of T-SQUARED’s range of services.

T-SQUARED “Makes Space for Genius” across multiple market sectors. The company designs, builds and maintains some of the highest-performing cleanrooms and controlled environments in the world. These are highly specialised facilities for scientists and innovators who change the world – from preventing the next global pandemic to squeezing quantum computing into your smartphone.

Our new role as part of the T-SQUARED team completes the company’s portfolio of turnkey services. Think of us as the last piece of the jigsaw. With our premium testing and validation experience, Validair Diamond Scientific will help T-SQUARED to build compliance into its projects from day one. In turn, that will reduce risk and cost for customers. We are proud to have that breadth and depth of expertise alongside us – and on hand for our customers.

We will continue to trade as Validair with the same people, the same infrastructure and the same competencies that you’ve come to rely on. But now, we can provide access to a wider scope of dynamic services. You can also expect more robust support and broader capabilities thanks to Validair Diamond Scientific being part of a larger, progressive organisation. For instance, the seven T-SQUARED offices across the UK in innovation hotspots like Glasgow and Oxford serve to strengthen our regional coverage and presence for Validair customers.

Watch as we help to “Make Space for Genius” as part of T-SQUARED across market sectors like biotechnology, pharmaceutical, healthcare, aerospace, semiconductor, quantum technologies and other high-tech regulated industries. Validair will continue to ensure that organisations in these critical markets stay compliant, operational and efficient.