New Decontamination Service

To add to our portfolio of high-quality testing, validation and certification solutions, Validair Diamond Scientific will be providing a full decontamination service to customers from the beginning of Q4 2020.

As our MD, Steve Ward explains, we have long been involved in decontamination processes as a business partner to selected providers. But as part of our full-service commitment to our customers, we will now deploy specialist equipment that utilises chlorine dioxide dry gas and will operate this new service in close collaboration with our expert partners Serosep Decontamination Services. Our aim is to deliver a rapid decontamination solution for Safety Cabinets, containment suites and other facilities and environments, all to the same ultra-high standard as the rest of our services.

Validair Diamond Scientific staff who operate and manage the new service will benefit from our intense training regime on the subject. It will ensure the most efficient provision and the best outcomes for our customers. Decontamination contracts will be supported by our proven expertise in clean air testing and validation. The two services really will work in perfect unison.