Another new and amazing member of staff finds their place.

Leanne Sadler of Validair

It’s very pleasing to be able to report that another amazing and enthusiastic individual has joined our Validair team.

Leanne Sadler took an important role in our administration team back in April. Even more rewarding is that Leanne feels she has finally found her ideal job. And the way she talks about her experience with Validair; remember, first impressions count.

“Validair has welcomed me with great support, kindness and respect as an individual and an employee. That can be hard to find,” she says. “I can honestly say that I have finally found the job that feels perfect for me. I’ve never known a company to be so appreciative of its workforce and have such a good team network, until now. It feels amazing to be a part of it.”

Welcome to the team, Leanne.