Demonstrating our practical knowledge of HEPA filter testing.

Aseptic processing workshop

In looking for expertise in HEPA filter testing integrity, PHSS, the organisers of the 2021 Aseptic Processing & Contamination Control Workshop, came to VDS to ask us to present a practical demonstration.

Moved online due to coronavirus, this workshop has given us the perfect opportunity to create a video of filter testing, ably demonstrated by one of our experienced Validair team. We will use a test rig at our Darlington HQ with the video narrated by our MD, Steve Ward.

Not only will this video serve the purposes of the workshop organisers, we will also be able to share it to support the Validair Training Programme. Our intention is to provide a link to the video here on the VDS website. Keep an eye out.

You can find details of the workshop on the PHSS website here.