Validair has long been involved in decontamination processes as a business partner to selected providers. But as part of our full-service commitment to our customers, we now deploy specialist equipment that utilises chlorine dioxide dry gas technology to deliver an excellent, rapid and efficient decontamination service. We use our Clordisys dry gas generation system to decontaminate a variety of facilities as well as the equipment contained within those facilities:

  • Safety Cabinets
  • Containment Suites
  • Isolators
  • Cleanrooms and clean air devices

Our specially trained staff who operate and manage the decontamination service work with our customers to ensure the most efficient provision and timely delivery that suits the customer’s operations to achieve the best outcome. Our decontamination contracts are supported by our proven expertise in clean air testing and validation. These two services really do work in perfect unison.

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Every industry includes operations that demand cleanroom or contamination-controlled
environments. That’s where Validair’s expertise delivers.

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“We set out to be the quality choice because our quality is the best. The evidence is in our ISO 9001 accreditation and ISO 17025 UKAS certification as well as our ethos to meet and exceed customer expectations. But more than that, we always do what we came to do. That is a vital part of delivering the very best quality service.”
STEVE WARD, Managing Director

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