Pete Gilmore Qualifies in Safety Cabinet Testing & Validation.

Pete Gilmore passes passes Safety Cabinet course

We are very pleased to report that our engineering colleague, Pete Gilmore, has passed the ATI Biosafety Cabinet Testing course. This is yet another positive increment in the expertise on tap at T-SQUARED Validair.

With a certification that’s endorsed by the Contamination Control Network (CCN), Pete is qualified to deliver safety cabinet testing and validation to the highest accredited standards. And that’s good news for our customers as Microbiological Safety Cabinets (MBSCs) are used extensively in containment applications across the pharmaceutical, healthcare, nuclear, and laboratory & life sciences sectors.

Pete Gilmore safety cabinet testing certificate

Our congratulations to Pete for passing this intensive course. It is a widely recognised qualification resulting from a two-day residential training session administered by Air Techniques International. The course features theory, practical and written elements. It coaches on best practices and advises on compliance with the European Biotechnology Standards enshrined in EN 12469, National Sanitisation Foundation Standards in NSF 49 and other regulatory guides and standards.