Our Accreditations

Our accreditation credentials serve to underscore our competencies and experience to give our customers, business partners and industry professionals complete confidence in our knowledge, capability and quality procedures.

ISO 9001:2015

UKAS Testing certificate - Lab No.4264

UKAS 17025:2017
(Certificate of Accreditation)

UKAS Testing certificate - Lab No.4264

UKAS 17025:2017
(Schedule of Accreditation)



“…… I thought you might like some feedback from our MHRA inspection this week, the inspector was really impressed with the layout of your documents and how clear and concise they were. The only comment he did have was that a traceability matrix would be beneficial. Thanks for all your help with this project we’ve manged to sail through the inspection for the new facility and a lot of that was as a result of your documentation pack.”
From a customer in Durham, Onyx
“Very many thanks indeed for all your hard work and invaluable project-inputs on our behalf, especially in view of recent personal difficulties for some of us which have sometimes curtailed our possible time-commitments. I am really grateful to you.”
From a customer in London, Northwick Park Hosp
“A big thank you to the Chris and Kit for all their hard work over the last couple of days. Both assets and a real credit to Validair!
I look forward to welcoming them to site again next time.”
Skanska & The Barts

“Firstly I just want to say a massive thank you to Nigel and Matt for everything they did for me on Saturday. Their help is greatly appreciated! 

Nigel and Matt were absolutely amazing. They are both really polite and so easy to talk to! Nigel and Matt both took time out of their day to explain to me in depth the different jobs they were doing and why they were doing it. They explained to me what they would do if something was wrong and how they would correct it. I really enjoyed working alongside both of them on Saturday. Nigel and Matt also assisted me whilst I had a go myself at conducting some smoke testing. They were so good at explaining all the different machinery and what it is used for etc. 

Matt was so patient with me and was so happy to help if there was something I didn’t understand! 

It has really helped me knowledge and understanding. I never really knew what a lot of the terms meant before or why we did the certain testing, but after shadowing Matt and Nigel it makes so much sense! Without them helping me this weekend I would still be completely in the dark! 

So thank you both so much – I really appreciate your help!”

B Braun

“Firstly – a big thankyou to Ian, Chris and Matt for the help and advice given on our annual validation last week it was much appreciated.”

Chalice Medical

“We had Kit and Steven attend site to perform re-balancing and physical monitoring of the cleanrooms.

I would like to give the following feedback on their work

  • They were excellent in the quality of their work and I am extremely pleased with the results.
  • Both Kit and Steven were exceptionally accommodating and were focused on getting the job done
  • They suggested many improvements and Kit in particular has a real can-do attitude and went above and beyond to help us in resolving the problems

Steven’s knowledge in particular around air-flow is also exceptional and he was very accommodating when sharing this.”

Guys Hospital

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