Validair Monitoring Solutions

For continuous cleanroom particle monitoring systems, critical alarm systems, equipment supply and repair, installation, field service, calibration and technical support, visit the Validair Monitoring Solutions Limited website.

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Validair Diamond Scientific

For a full service comprising support with qualification, verification and testing of all cleanrooms, clean air and contamination-controlled environments, as well as validation consultancy services, visit the Validair Diamond Scientific website.

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The Validair Group provides environmental monitoring solutions, clean air testing, consultancy, calibration and technical services across a broad range of cleanroom, contamination controlled and sensitive environment applications.

Our cleanroom monitoring solutions comprise instruments, sensors, and advanced control software, backed by unmatched industry expertise. A complementary range of bespoke services address equipment installation, clean air testing & validation, regulatory audits, and compliance certification.

Through strategic collaboration, the companies within the Validair Group deliver a world-class service founded upon decades of experience in environmental and contamination control. Both Validair Diamond Scientific and Validair Monitoring Solutions Limited are UKAS ISO17025 certified.


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BioTrak® 9510-BD

The next-level, real-time viable particle counter.

The TSI BioTrak is the future of aseptic manufacturing and EU Annex 1 compliance. Say goodbye to aseptic interventions and waiting days for growth method test results to release the room back to production.

Now available from Validair.

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Industry leading expertise in cleanroom particle monitoring systems, critical alarm systems, equipment supply and repair, installation, calibration to UKAS ISO17025 standards, field service and technical support.

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Industry-renowned services in cleanroom testing, certification, clean air test and validation, calibration to UKAS ISO17025 standards, regulatory compliance and certification, and qualification documentation.

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